WHY UHURU KENYATTA IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF KENYA. A liberal analysis from a non-supporter

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is now assured of victory in the coming March 4th Presidential elections. By sheer determination, belief, zeal and a well-coordinated and managed campaign, he has outpaced his opponents by far and wide.
When all newspaper caricatures portray him and his running mate William Ruto to be chained in the heavy drawback of International Criminal Court, the two have successful exploited that negative status into a successful campaign item, drawing sympathy from Kenyans all over the country in defense of these countrymen.
That is not my main point however. The real and justifiable reason why Uhuru is the next president of the Republic of Kenya is anchored on the following naked bitter truths:
Uhuru Kenyatta
RailaOdinga, CORD Candidate

    Jubilee Alliance top brass

  1. An eye catching manifesto that has inevitably made people to believe that Jubilee possesses the tangible development agenda for Kenya and the people, whether it will be implemented or not. The seemingly googled manifesto was well crafted and expounded effectively during its launch. Here, Jubilee outshined CORD by a bigger margin.
  2. Comparing his 2002 bid where he was baby seated by the then dictator Daniel Moi, Uhuru has matured into an independent minded candidate with the famishment to win. His improved confidence, public speaking, issues articulation and systematic execution of campaign strategies have made him a different politician from the zombie of 2002
  3.  Uhuru’s financial resources have enabled him to transverse this country efficiently and effectively hence reaching more audience than his OCRD counterparts. There seems to be a well-coordinated grassroots mobilization for his campaign meeting which has successfully ensured mammoth crowds.
  4.  Uhuru has a strong running mate, William Ruto, who despite his ICC case and corrupt land acquisition, many Kenyans see him as a performer who can be trusted with executing Uhuru’s development promises. 
  5. Compared to Raila Odinga’s running mate, who exhibit the non-leadership qualities of indecisiveness and fence siting, Ruto is in a leadership class of his own and a potential president in 2017 elections. Kalonzo also has nothing to show in his tenure as Vice President and has always been a spanner boy in the government.
  6. CORD, still has hangover of ODM’s euphoria of 2007 and wrongly believes that they are the coalition to beat, forgetting the stubborn reality that in 2007, ODM got majority Rift valley and Western votes which are no more. The absence of these two voting blocs makes me fear that Jubilee might easily win in round one, a possibility that we shouldn’t ignore because it might be truer than we have been thinking, factual than the manipulated pools pedaled around.
  7.  Raila is still living in the wrong period of political history, the history of liberation. It has not dawn to him that, that period ended in 2002. Rhetoruic of third or fourth liberation is no longer appealing to the people. People are free and are enjoying their fundamental freedoms, with an exception of tribal imprisonment which Raila is also a beneficiary. His presentation of himself as the people’s messiah is therefore the wrong platform to campaign from. His speeches would have been more appealing during the colonial or Moi era.
  8. Raila has self-cannibalized himself. He has unknowingly done this by retaining sycophants who have been rejected by the people on the ground. ODM, truth be told lacks internal democracy and it seems to be a club of Raila and his close buddies, Anyang’ Nyongó, Otieno Kajwang, James Orengo, Oburu Odinga etc., who are politically exhausted and have bored the electorate.
  9. Raila even failed to read the mood of the people during ODM’s nominations and went ahead to go against the wishes of his diehard supporters. Thus voter apathy is likely to negatively affect his arithmetic
Jubilee Presidentail candidate Uhuru Kenyatta
    10. Tyranny of numbers and our fallacy of tribal democracy favour the Uhuruto alliance. Already, the Gikuyu and Kalenjin votes likely to go to Uhuru are enough to give Raila a shock, adding to some battle ground pockets, Uhuru is straight heading to the house on the hill.
These are among the naked facts that are propelling the scion of Jomo Kenyatta into the helm of his father’s status.  I always say that facts are very stubborn, but facts remain to be facts even if you put them upside down. Different political camps exude confidence of winning, but some camps know within themselves that they’ve lost this election.
Kenya should brace for a president and his deputy who are ICC inductees.  We face uncertain future as a nation; we must be ready to wade through the mucky waters of an inductee presidency which is becoming a reality.
Whether sanctions will be there or not, we must strive to cultivate a true democracy, heal our society, develop our country and strive to make Kenya what we want it to be for current and our future generation. Let us abandon fallacious reasoning and put human conscience over and above any selfish motives, ethnic chauvinism and open mediocrity.
 Let me warn Uhuru and Ruto that they must unite Kenyans in their presidency and follow the rule of law in their governance. They must sacrifice their appetite for power, while directing such given mandate to serving the people. More so, they MUST cooperate with ICC.
Having said that, I am not voting for Uhuruto as it’s against my conscience, but am sure they will win.
AUTHOR: Tsomnyazi Wa Nganga, Bsc Agric U.O N, CERT. IPM Bet Dagan Israel


  • This is what we call tyranny of numbers in a glass house.You will still see it.I think CORD should now preapre to form a formidable opposition because they have lost the game.Well analysed

  • Am going to tell you something for free. The tyranny of numbers is a myth, and is just meant to do that: TYRANNIZE KENYANS into believing the big fat lie that Jubilee has numbers. Am going to do this step by step because for some of you who are mathematically challenged.
    1. Central Province 2,190, 477 2. Nyanza Province 1,954,756 Net effect (+) 235,721
    3. Eastern(Meru,Embu) 866,329 3. Eastern Kalonzo 1,069,529 (-) 324,624
    4. R.valley (Kalenjin) 1,531,209 4.R.Valley (Kikuyu) 866,146 (+)2,397,355
    The above figures are absolute numbers for kikuyu and kalenjin votes based on the assumption that all kikuyus and kalenjins are voting Jubilee and that Peter Kenneth & Martha Karua are getting o votes,Secondly it is assumed that even in Nakuru and Uasin Gishu there are no Luos, Luhyas, Kambas, Kisiis etc (hahaha…. another lie)
    So far the net effect is 2,308,452 for Jubilee. But within the Rift valley we have Trans Nzoia, Turkana, samburu which are leaning towards CORD. Total hanging votes in R.Valley 976498. In order to cover eastern we have 157,025 for Marsabit & Isiolo votes also hanging. I hope we are still together so far.
    5. Western (Jubilee- nil) CORD Gets 69% 990141 the rest goes to Madvd. (-)990,141
    6. Coast Province CORD Gets 70% 814,858 Jubilee gets 20% 232,816 (-)582,042
    7. North Easter Cord 60% 208,474 Jubilee gets 30% 104237 (-)104,237
    8. Nairobi CORD 60%(Luo,luhya,kamba,kisii) gets 1067342 35% 711561 (-)355,781
    So far from earlier +ve of 2,308,452 – 2,032,201 (above)Jubilee is leading by 276,251. We had hanging votes from R.Valley (Trans Nzoia, Samburu, Turkana, Narok and Kajiado)totaling 976,498 Secondly we have 157,025 from Eastern Province (Marsabit & Isiolo. Kindly note that the above "hanging votes" are 1,133,523. Again I will point out this for free, CORD is leading in the hanging counties, especially trans Nzoia (largely bukusu), turkana and samburu.
    Do you still believe in the numbers????