“I want my ‘MALU’ before the ballot” Says Ganda husband

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

A Ganda voter who caught his wife red-handed on their matrimonial bed with one of the Ganda Ward by-election candidates has threatened to take to the podium if the Sh. 250,000 fine he was promised by local party operatives will not be paid to him before the election.

The cultural fine, locally known as ‘malu’ was agreed upon as a way of appeasing the husband and an agreement had been reached that he would go round the Ward with his wife’s lover’s campaign team to publicly dispel the act as mere rumors that did not happen.

But less than a month to the by-election the man has not received anything from the MCA contestant.

The culprit has since been excommunicated from both the Mkaomoto and Malindi town branches of the Miracle Fellowship church; a no nonsense denomination headquartered at Mariakani.

The integrity of Omar’s opponents is questionable. Rumors doing rounds allege that a suspected rapist and child defiler,  sacked from the office of the governor and currently is out on bond is now among the chief campaigners and advisors.

©Chronicles Reporter from Malindi.