Exclusive! Ganda People’s Open letter to Governor Amason Jefwa Kingi.

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

Dear Hon. Amason Jeffah Kingi;


We, the people of Ganda will overwhelmingly vote against your party, ODM.  We are doing this because we have a message to pass to you and your party, boss Raila Odinga.

1. Kilifi people are not the property of any political party.

2. Party politics has been the bane of development in Kilifi because it more often than not, produces incompetent leaders.

3. In Kilifi, politics shall never again be an individual’s quick job breakthrough after school.

4. We are angry about external political dominion, the height of which was stranger MCAs from Nyanza forced down our throats through nomination into the Kilifi  County Assembly, while our Ribe, Kambe, Jibana, Rabai and Swahili/Arab brothers are heavily underrepresented; something which even you could not do anything about.

5. We want to lay the foundation for a political discourse where a person shall be elected based on his abilities first and foremost and the party/being independent as a bonus.

6. We are voting for continuity and do not want a midterm distraction, where your candidate won’t achieve anything and will come back in 2022 with “half term” excuses.

7. Independent Abdul Omar, while serving the last two years under strenuous conditions has achieved more than many MCAs who did not face election petitions

We urge you in advance to now take advantage of Ganda as a launching pad for your TUFE campaign after squandering many opportunities since 2017 or remain in the mountain forever where like Moses, God will kill and bury you Himself politically. This is because if you do not, we will be left with no other option but to declare Hon. Comm. Asha Jumwa as the de facto political Supremo of the Mijikenda nation.

Ganda is the final chance Kilifi people are giving you to score with your TUFE and stay on the political pitch or else we will substitute and give you away on free transfer to Beard Caressers FC (BCFC). Mijikendas will not miss out on the political big league next season simply because of your lethargic feet. If you have injuries deal with them, now!

Sincerely yours;

The People of Ganda Ward.

©Ganda Residents.