MYSTERY of a second open letter from Ganda voters to Governor Kingi!

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro


Dear Governor Kingi;

We have news that you are coming to Ganda to campaign for the ODM candidate at Msabaha football ground on Saturday. Welcome. However, the only respect that we, the people of Ganda have left for you is our trust that after having miserably failed as governor you will at least pay us off by leaving us in safer political hands after your tenure – a national party of local base. We are therefore dismayed by your spirited desire to sink us lower in both development and political fronts by continuing to entrench the same political leadership that gave us the failure in you, and a heavily wanting County Assembly in terms of legislative capacity.

It’s intriguing that ODM had to nominate Luo MCAs from Nyanza to prefect the otherwise below par legislative discourse in the house.

The last thing Ganda ward residents, and indeed the whole of Kilifi County people need right now is one more ODM legislator in the  County Assembly. We need anything that will oppose your corruption and unpalatable rot at the County government  – from the unfinished, below standard to outright ghost projects dotting all over Kilifi. We want a person who will take you head on about the Ganze sub county roads that cost a total of Sh. 100m and were never done.

We want a person who can continue the fight towards recovering the Sh. 51m stolen from the health department as well as the dubious market land deals at Mtwapa which cost poor Kilifi people hundreds of millions of shillings that went into people’s pockets. We want to know what is happening at Mbegu Fund and what happened to the Rafiki Bank – County Government partnership lie which left many young contractors confused after it turned out to be a hoax.

We are still searching for answers on why you always allocate more money on roads at the expense of agriculture, education and health and if this department is not your personal cash cow!

And on the political front, we wish you to be clear on whether you are coming to Ganda  Ward to campaign for the ODM candidate as the Mijikenda and Coast political Supremo or as Joho’s and Raila’s errand boy. Can you confirm that you have not been blackmailed to either do the campaign or ODM boss Raila Odinga will – through the handshake – give you away to Jubilee to be punished for your corruption deals for which the president had already promised to deal with you during the 2017 campaigns anyway?

Exactly when will you develop masculine flesh, stand on your own and lead your people to be free from molestation by Arab land lords and Luo political brokers? Of what use are you in that position of governor?

Listen, you are always welcome to Ganda but before you campaign for the ODM candidate at Msabaha football ground on Saturday, we need answers to the above questions  or you will see the outcome at the ballot on 17/10.

Sincerely yours;

Ganda Ward voters