Revealed! Who and why they are going after Aisha Jumwa?

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

The well choreographed smear campaign meted against leaders supporting DP Dr. William Samoei Ruto can now be revealed. The latest victim is Malindi MP Hon Aisha Jumwa. Having recently risen politically above everyone in Coast and emerging to be the anointed leader of the Amijikenda Community, she is now being harassed for her solid political stand.

Local ODM politicians in Coast region tremble with fear whenever they hear the name Aisha. They have now come up with underground schemes to frustrate her.  This comes after failing to expel her from the Orange Party. The new strategy by these local mongrels is to use the DCI and EACC to try to break her political back and force her into submission.

It must be noted that in the purported case relating to Malindi CDF, the National Government Constituency Development Act is very clear, a Member of Parliament does not have any direct role in management of the CDF fund. NG-CDF is managed by the National Government Constituency Development Fund Board at the national level and the Constituency Development Fund committee at the constituency level. The Member of Parliament is not part of these committees.

Another point to note in the case of Malindi is that the mentioned companies have no any relationship with the Malindi MP and she is not a director in any of them. The NG-CDF committee nor the project implementation committees are not obligated by law to check on the directors of bidding companies nor who their relatives are before awarding tenders.

It is therefore clear that the ongoing investigations are just similar to what Kiharu MP Hon. Ndindi Nyoro went through.

Hon. Aisha Jumwa poses a threat to ODM’s planned succession plan in Kilifi County. The current Governor Amason Jefwa Kingi is considering handing over the mantle to his close cousin and current Chief Administrative Secretary for lands, Mr. Gideon Mung’aro. However, pundits say that on a level playing ground, the gifted orator Aisha Jumwa can easily trounce the chain smoker, Gideon Mung’aro who is a poor mobilizer and lacks leadership charisma.

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