Why Gideon Saburi should be forgiven by God; a voice from his Rabai people.

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

The current figures on Covid-19 show that 1.2m people have been infected; 64,732 have succumbed and 891,240 are battling the disease. Factoring these global infection and high fatality rates, coronavirus appears to meet the statutory definition of a biological agent of mass destruction. Thus, intentional acts of spreading the disease could meet terrorism threshold.

The grave matter touching on the conduct of Kilifi County DG Gideon Saburi is dividing the people of Kilifi. Some opportunist leaders have seen a weakened prey to devour politically; while others have acquired a free platform to elevate their political ratings, by defending the DG’s refusal to go to self quarantine, a conduct that has led Kilifi to be declared a Covid-19 hotspot.

Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi (left) is arrested soon after he was discharged from the Coast General Hospital.

While the call to forgive him is not wrong, it is God who can forgive the besieged DG, but the law of the land must take its course.

Kilifi County MCAs have the mandate to exercise their oversight roles in accordance with their oath of office they took. The county assembly is an instrument of democracy. The route these legislators will take against the DG, as long as it is within the precepts of democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law, are legally and morally justified to put his conduct on the constitutional weighing scale.

Let us not struggle to cut the arc of constitutional justice which we all aspire to see working. Every leader must be held accountable for any acts of omission or commission that jeopardize our humanity. Saburi’s blunder, which was potentially driven by the ‘big man syndrome’ has threatened the very existence of every voter in Kilifi County.

Those fronting his defence are actually eroding their public trust on safeguarding the health and welfare of the people of Kilifi and the country. Saburi’s gross misconduct has a potential of taking innocent lives of Kilifi voters. The individuals on his defence are sending a wrong leadership signal: that they cannot be entrusted with the power to safeguard the lives of the people and obedience to the tenets of constitutionalism.

It is now engraved in the minds of Rabai community and Kilifi residents that coronavirus in the county was spread by their Deputy Governor. They cannot bury their loved ones with respect; they cannot conduct their weddings; their chama meetings have been suspended and they are now living in fear. They are blaming all these troubles on DG Saburi. Thus, defending Saburi will boomerang on the faces of the emerging political defenders.


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  • Indeed the DG really portrayed a unprecedented act having interacted with the people of Kilifi moreso with leaders notwithstanding his immediate boss HE Amason J. Kingi who offered him a one month paid leave due to the fact he was from a country with coronavirus pandemic.

    However, such adamant act is punishable by law for putting the lives of many at risk of contacting the virus.