Is this the end of the road for DP William Ruto?

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

THE well choreographed onslaught against DP Dr. William Ruto is not going down well with majority of Kenyans. The Deputy President is becoming a victim of political gangsterism by elements who are not reading the public mood correctly. It is at the backdrop of this sustained dirty political machination against  Ruto that is making him attract public sympathy from every corner of this Republic in every minute, and he is becoming more connected to the masses.

The Jubilee administration campaigned on a platform of development, from mega infrastructural projects such as modern high speed trains, construction of sports stadia across the country, to universal health care and food security. Indeed, when the Big Four Agenda program was unveiled by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans were hopeful that there was a ray of hope that the government was getting back to the right path of fulfilling its prelection pledges it made to voters.

However, not only has the government failed to deliver, but it has tragically been entangled in a weird succession conspiracy within itself. Jubilee is fighting Jubilee. Political mandarins within the ruling Party cannot fathom seeing a peasant taking over the royal crown of this country. According to them, the leadership mantle is reserved for the scions of independence patriarchs, whose names have dominated the country’s political arena; dynastic lineages that have for along time held captive this nation. They cannot let it go. It is their hereditary jewel, so they presume.

Unbeknown to these princes, the seemingly naked stratagem orchestrated against Dr Ruto is a blessing in disguise, and it is gradually cutting the umbilical cord that would otherwise directly bind him to the manifest failures of the Jubilee administration.  On the other hand, Jaramogi’s progeny and certified opposition supremo has dived into the mess and is swimming ignorantly in the pool of Jubilee’s murky waters.

From floods and landslides that are devastating some areas of this country, unemployment, brutal treatment of Kenyans violating Covid-19 guidelines, the anticipated inevitable collapse of the country’s economy due to coronavirus pandemic, to the now confirmed adage of dynasties coalescing together to deny those from humble backgrounds, from taking over the country’s leadership. Raila will unfortunately be part of those to be heaped with blame by 2022.

Deputy President William Samoei Ruto.

Moreover, the ongoing purge against certain office holders in the Senate viewed as close associates of the Deputy President is exacerbating the situation. More Kenyans are losing faith on the country’s much hyped democracy, fundamental freedoms and liberties, as enshrined in our sacred constitution.

A combination of these factors will make DP Dr. William Samoei Ruto more appealing to the masses, and the wrecked citizens will see him as the alternative to dynasties who have dominated the political scene for eons, and manipulated this country politically and economically since independence.

Ruto will have the last laugh!!