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Battle-hardened Jumwa is back with a bang; her opponents are worried!!

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

Emerging from the Port Police unbowed, Malindi MP Hon. Aisha Jumwa hit the ground running on Monday. Known for her courage, bravery, and unmatched mental strength, the Malindi legislator immediately went back to her constituency and distributed football kits to youths in Malindi.

Jumwa’s political opponents must be a worried lot. If they had thought that they could fabricate cases to slow her down in her endeavor to take over Kilifi County governorship, they need to go back to the drawing board. The last week’s events have further battle-hardened Hon. Aisha, gaining her lots of sympathy from the Mijikenda community which sees her being persecuted because of her political position.

She is seen to be more courageous, bold, and fearless than her male counterparts in the county, and stands as the best person to defend the rights and social-economic wellbeing of the Amijikenda community.

Her political rivals including current Governor Amason Kingi, lands CAS Gideon Mung’aro, and Magarini MP Micheal Kingi are regarded as turncoats and culpable of the unending sufferings, poverty, and economic desperations bedeviling the people of Kilifi. Kingi’s 8 years of rule have failed to lift the people out of the dark dungeons of hopelessness and abject poverty, while the Governor, his CECs, COs, and MCAs live in opulence through proceeds of corruption and economic thuggery under his watch.

Most of the County government executives and MCAs have formed briefcase companies that trade with the county governments, with the blessings of the Governor.

Malind MP Hon. Aisha Jumwa hands over football kits to youth in Malindi, just hours after being released from Port police.

Currently, there is no strong candidate in Kilifi that can equal Jumwa’s stature. If she gets into the ballot box in 2022, the MP, christened as Mekatilili Wa Menza will floor her opponents with a big margin. She has a strong grassroots mobilization network, gifted oratory skills, and has touched the lives of many people in Kilifi County through are development record and generosity. Her advantage also includes strong support from Kilifi women who are the majority of voters in the County.