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KENYANS shocked by Raila’s dictatorship on BBI conversation

Written by Stanley Nganga

THE open braggadocio and manifest harangue by Raila and ODM have startled. Now it’s not about a unity conversation by all Kenyans, but they want BBI be forced down the throats of people. ODM sheepishly assumes that it’s its way or no other way. What a hallucinated bravado!

It is mindboggling that Raila wants to force IEBC to conduct a referendum with just sh 2B budget and he doesn’t want to listen. These are real telltale signs of dictatorship and totalitarianism personality traits that Kenyans must be worried about.

There are pertinent issues that must be addressed. They include inter alia:

  • Imperial Presidency must be removed from the BBI.
  • Political parties must never have any representative in IEBC.
  • Senate should be strengthen and be made the upper house to protect devolution and check on the Presidency.
  • Prime Minister and Two deputies are a wastage of resources. We don’t need these seats. They have no value to Kenyans.

In the grand coalition government, there was no value from the then PM and his two deputies except constant complaints in podiums about ‘mkeka nusu’ and lack of lavish toilets in his public meetings. We will dialogue and this BBI farce will never happen under political terrors of threats, intimidation, and ODM’s apartheid tendencies