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REVEALED! Deep State’s headache; stop Ruto options are running out.

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

Political pundits agree that the 2022 presidential election will be a pivotal point in the country’s political rutted curve. Since independence, the nation has been in the hands of a few cartels constituting mostly legatees of paramount Chiefs, home guards, and former public servants, who amassed their wealth by collaborating with the colonial government. These bourgeoises have encircled the self-declared imperial families; who are the descendants of post-colonial patriarchs of the nation. These political and economic racketeers christened themselves as  Deep state’ and the ‘System’, have for a long time held Kenyans captive, infusing psychological weakness to continue trampling on them politically and economically.

It is quite fascinating to note that for the first time in our circuitous history, these political buccaneers risk being dislodged by the commoners in 2022. There is a seed that has emerged from the general populace, that is offering a formidable challenge to the dynastic mythos of birthright claim to power. Rising from an unprivileged background, and from a paterfamilias that was a nobody in the country’s political sphere, Dr. William Ruto has sent shockwaves in the Deep State’s previously untouched territory, and the threat of them losing grip is becoming a reality day by day.

DP Dr. William Ruto addressing wananchi at Kenol and Githurai after a church service at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA), Kenol, Kandara Constituency, Murang’a County

Faced by this possible imbroglio, Deep State and the System cartels, in a panic mode have impetuously revealed their malevolent intentions of halting the Deputy President from taking over from President Uhuru, too early. In reminiscence of the era of Jomo Kenyatta who, as he was nearing his sunset days, the then purported System did not fathom why a mere teacher, Daniel Moi, should succeed Mzee. They crafted all manners of demonic schemes overtly and covertly to deny Moi the vice president, a  chance of becoming the head of state. They miserably failed as Daniel Moi ascended to power. In the same parallelism, Kieleweke necromancers started by painting Dr. William Ruto as corrupt to cheat Kenyans into rejecting him. This never worked, but instead exposed agencies responsible for fighting corruption as mere marionettes being used to make political errands on behalf of the axis of Kenyan evils – Deep State and System.

The next tool they hoped would give a knockout to the Deputy President was an impeachment motion, in the pretext of disloyalty to the President and early campaigns. This anecdote also failed terribly. Going back to the drawing board, they elevated Dr. Fred Matiang’i and tagged him as the super Cabinet Secretary capable of performing assignments reserved for Dr. Ruto.  Now that his workload had been reduced by his boss, this not only offered him an opportunity to engage the people more frequently, but it also gave him enough time to cover as many geographical areas of this country as possible, making inroads in regions that have been known to be his opponents’ strongholds. The Deep State came up with another desperate plan: removing his trusted lieutenants from both Senate and National Assembly. This tactic not only unmasked the paranormal desperation of the Kieleweke faction but also weakened the Presidents ability to pass important legislations in the two parliaments.

Dr. Ruto insists that the conversation in this country should be about the people and their needs, but not about leaders and positions.

Every weird stratagem they bring flops. The trees are all slippery for the Kieleweke side of Jubilee. Deep State and the System are in panic mode. Their attack dogs composed of some known drunkards further infuriate the masses through their mephistophelian and shameless utterances. The more they try to block the DP, the more they are exposing their waning witchery, and creating more political mileage for the humble man from Sugoi.  The die has been cast. The masses are coalescing around Dr. Ruto, ready to prison break from the dynastic penitentiaries that have survived out of sheer manipulation of ethnic hegemony, political balkanization, marginalization, and wealth acquisition. Time is running out for Kieleweke covens. They have no clear serious candidate to challenge the DP and their stopping early campaign narrative is out of the realization that they are running out of option. Kenyans should prepare to witness the rebirth of this nation, a new nation that will focus on the majority of the poor masses.

The end is near for dynasties and their surrogates.