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Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

If Dr Ruto is dragged again into the Gicheru’s case, he could use the card of “conspiracy against me by the system and dynasties” to whip public emotion and attract sympathy votes.

Ruto’s supporters and non-supporters already feel that he is a victim of the Deep State because he is being persecuted locally. If the ICC comes for him again, he would appear to be a victim of Raila’s machinations.

In 2007, Raila was the presidential candidate not Ruto, Kenyans feel that it was Raila who was supposed to carry political responsibility for 2007 PEV, not Ruto.

Mt Kenya was made to believe that Mr Odinga pushed for Mr Kenyatta’s arraignment at the ICC so he could inherit Kibaki’s seat. The same can be applied to the current scenario. That Mr Gicheru was compelled by Raila et al, to fix Ruto so that he does not inherit Kenyatta’s seat.

Dr Ruto could also use the ICC card to foster high voter turnout by fashioning the election as a way for his supporters to save him from the locally engineered case aimed at blocking him from 2022 election.

DP Ruto knew the ICC plot way before and he could have already laid down a counter-strategy to beat the Deep state in its own game.

Ruto will emerge the victor in this game.