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Gideon Mung’aro dropped as ODM’s preferred candidate for Kilifi 2022 race

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

The unmatched aggressiveness and rising popularity of Malindi MP Hon. Aisha Jumwa in Kilifi is giving ODM mandarins in the county sleepless nights. Faced by impending thrashing in the 2022 governorship race, the Party has abortively been scouting for a strong candidate to rival Jumwa. The battle-hardened MP has been spreading her tentacles all over the county. The threat is real.

Grapevine has it that the Orange party is worried about Hon. Mung’aro’s capacity to defeat Aisha Jumwa. The Lands CAS, political pundits say, lacks the political stamina, assertiveness, and effectual mobilization skills to enthuse the people of Kilifi.

Indeed, in the 2017 general elections, Hon. Mung’aro was defeated by the current Kilifi Governor, Amason Jefwa Kingi by a wide margin. Among the factors that contributed to his rout, inter alia are:

  • The unpopularity of the Jubilee Party, that was being associated with individuals who grabbed land in the Coast region.
  • His poor rhetoric skills that do not excite the masses.
  • His inability to connect well with the people on the ground.
  • His failure to organize and work together with Jubilee MCA aspirants.
  • Poor ground coverage during campaigns.
  • Allegations that Mung’aro received over sh. 60m to campaign for Jubilee but this money did not trickle down to the ground.

Lands CAS Hon. Gideon Mung’aro at a past function in Kilifi County. ODM has questioned his ability to defeat Malindi MP Hon Aisha Jumwa.

Faced by these weaknesses on their initially preferred candidate, ODM Party cast its net wide, taking it to Dar es salaam, where political errands lads were sent to have a meeting with Kenya’s High Commissioner to Tanzania, Amb. Dan Kazungu. It is rumored that the meeting was organized from Orange House and had the blessings of Amason Kingi.

Moles in the Party privy to the goings-on say that the threat by Aisha Jumwa to ODM in Kilifi is real such that Raila Odinga has given firm instructions to Kilifi ODM team to look for a stronger candidate other than Hon. Gideon Mung’aro. The Dar meeting did not yield much as Dan Kazungu was non-committal on his possible return to ODM.

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