Open letter from the Coast to BBI

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

Greetings from Pwani-the capital city of Africa where some of us missed marine jobs because we couldn’t speak good English.

Now to you my darling BBI, first things first. Are you about building bridges or breaking bridges? Who said that we are a broken home? We have always been a peaceful home but we all know those who divide us and why.

Now my sweetHURT BBI, why did you come to visit me at this time when my wallet is bleeding hunger? Aren’t you so immoral, selfish and unthoughtful? Some people have even accused you of having too many earings and lipstick that initially was not in your handbag! You’re so fishy romantically!

My unfauthful BBI, you’re too petty and an extravagant woman! Some of the things you are insisting for we can as well change them in our bedroom instead of inviting people in a very expensive pre-wedding party.

Again, people don’t have much time to waste my sweetHOT.

Don’t be misled or confused by your secret rich lovers. They just want to use you to quench their strong cravings for power. If you really meant well, why are you silent about the affairs of my humble bestman and those desperate flower girls? Do I keep borrowing money to just colour our wedding and increase your wardrobe? You can’t even think of building our tiny and needy family! No wonder, all our neighbours are laughing at us!

On our big day, the wedding day, the Reverend with the book, I will strongly say to you- NO! Not because I hate you but because I don’t love you!

*Albert Ngome Writings*

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