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Shepherd Bushiri skips bail, flees back to Malawi

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

South Africa has issued an arrest warrant for controversial millionaire pastor Shepherd Bushiri, who skipped bail and returned home to Malawi. The preacher, who was on bail and awaiting trial for money laundering and fraud, had previously said he wanted to clear his name.

On Saturday he told his social media followers that he had left South Africa because he had received death threats. It is not clear how or when Mr Bushiri left South Africa. He has refused to reveal how he escaped.

Reports however indicate that Bushiri and his wife Mary were smuggled out by a sophisticated syndicate which specializes in taking stolen cars from South Africa to Malawi. There have also been suggestions in the South African press that he was smuggled out in Malawi’s presidential jet – something which has been denied by the authorities in both countries.